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How it works

Key benefits

We'll give you a good deep look into the Composer packages your depend on for your projects.


Get monthly notifications

Get an email 1 time per month with exactly which packages needs to be updated and to which version.


Avoid an obsolete codebase

Avoid having to rewrite your whole codebase just because you fell too far behind on updates and now it's a huge headache to sort everything out.


Update version constraints

We'll tell you when you need to update your version constraints (ie: ^4.0 in composer.json) - the composer update command will not! Therefore you run the risk of missing new versions of packages.


Abandoned packages

Get to know in time if a package has been abandoned and if there is a replacement package you should switch to.

Why I created Freshbase

The idea to Freshbase came after I saw how software projects slowly but surely became outdated because updating packages just wasn't a high priority. It's natural to want to focus on new features for your own or clients websites and systems.

Then one day you need to update to a new PHP version and you realize that the version of your framework or packages doesn't support it. Now you're way behind and have a huge work load in front of you to update versions and catch up, if it's even realistic to do at this stage.

With Freshbase you will get reminded when it's time to update so you can instead do it as a routine, little by little every month.

Hope you like the service, and please drop a message if you have a question or some ideas!


Andreas HÃ¥kansson

Creator of Freshbase
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